Connect directly with shippers

Trellah is looking for fleet owners who want  control of their future loads.

How does Trellah work?

  • 01
    Shippers post loads and request quotes in real time.
  • 02
    Loads are published to all registered carriers to bid.
  • 03
    The offers appear immediately in the shipper dashboard to select the best one.
  • 04
    Track the shipment
  • 05
    Shipment delivered
  • 06
    Shipper pays to Trellah platform
  • 07
    Trellah pays to the carriers
Registered carriers
Track the shipment
Shipment delivered

Direct match between shippers and carriers


  • Shippers can create a tailored network of carriers per lane
  • Trellah’s growing nationwide network directly connects you to certified carriers
  • Choose a wide array of FTL shipment options like Flatbeds, Vans, Reefers, Step Deck Trailers, and more


  • Find and bid on loads based on filters that you set up such as location and trailer type
  • Work with a Carrier Representative that connects you with shippers that match your operating lanes

Say goodbye to hidden brokerfees shippers


  • Receive rate confirmations directly, creating a more transparent relationship with carriers
  • Shipper Representatives working directly with your account at no extra cost


  • Set the right market price to the right load
  • Place your bid today on any load with no compromise, we respect your rate

Real time updates


  • Receive real-time notifications of incident reporting directly from carriers with documentation attached
  • Follow the load from the time it leaves you, to the moment it gets to your client


  • Notify the status of your load manually or automatically; real-time updates make communication easier
  • Use our incident update feature to notify and document any incident while on the road

Fully managed, 100% guaranteed payments


  • Open up a credit line of 30 days with Trellah
  • Automatic invoicing with all documentation attached per load


  • All loads are paid by Trellah
  • Select when you want to receive your payment using our flexible Directpay option

Find your best load

Bid on loads that fit your needs, in your preferred routes and for your trailer type.

Trellah gives you access to new shippers who need registered and trusted carriers like you. As more carriers are available, we can get more shippers into those routes.

  • Reduce wasted kilometers, find the load closest to your fleet
  • Easily filter out loads that don't apply to you
  • Full details about all loads means no surprises

Trellah lets you bid directly with shippers

Transparent shipping rates and well-deserved income

Carriers do the hard work, moving loads from point to point. We believe they should have fulltransparency so that you know you’re getting treated fairly, and earning the income you deserve.

  • Know exactly how much you make for each load
  • Trellah charges a flat fee on booked loads, the rest is all yours
  • All bids on shipments are visible by all carriers

100% guaranteed payments

Get paid directly from Trellah with
No Delays or Extra Fees.

  • Trellah pays carriers immediately
  • Trellah collects payment from the shipperㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

People Love Trellah

At Muward, it is very important to us that our goods reach our customers on time at more than two hundred points all over the Kingdom. Trellah platform has provided us with the best regular and refrigerated trucks from trusted and certified carriers. This helps us to keep our customers completely satisfied all the time.

Muward Trading - Cipriani products, Italy

We appreciate Trellah Platform for their cooperation in providing all the cars required daily, up to 25 cars or more to all regions of the Kingdom. Their team are very professional, responsible and they are one of the best logistics companies we deal with.

Al Jazeera Development Company for Cement Products Factory

"Working with Trellah has been a great experience. The ability to quickly book trucks, track all of our trucks, and see the information of all of the carriers we work with allows us to be more efficient and effective in the transportation of our FTL. We work hand in hand with the operations team of Trellah and they have really helped create a network of carriers around our working lanes."

Amin Zidan
IMECA Lumber & Hardware

How to join the Trellah network

Both fleet companies and owner operators are both able to join our network.


Join Trellah Platform

Sign up and join us with filling required information and
simple onboarding process


Get certified

All carriers in the Trellah network need to provide carrier package that includes liability and cargo insurance, w-9, and US DOT authority.


Get bidding

We are actively working on expanding our network. New shipper options that match you will be added directly to the network for you to bid on.